PUBG v6.1 Update Adds New Karakin Map With Black Zone, Sticky Bombs, Motor Glider, and More

PUBG v6.1 update is out now on the test server, and with it comes a new map called Karakin. The fresh map promises more action, thanks to its small area. In fact, Karakin is now the smallest map in the game with its 2×2 km battlefield, which means more fast-paced combat action on its rocky terrain. Karakin is a 64-players only map and introduces an exclusive new feature called Black Zone. It is essentially a high damage-prone zone that will push players out of their hiding place in a building and thrusts them into combat. Aside from the Karakin map, the update also brings a new explosive item and a Motor Glider vehicle.

The Karakin map in the PUBG v6.1 has a diverse geography that includes hilly terrain, underground tunnels, and suburbs among others. But the most exciting aspect of Karakin map is the Black Zone. In the Black Zone, buildings and compounds will be randomly bombed, so as soon as players hear the siren and they find themselves inside the purple circle, they have to run for cover. Structures flattened by the Black Zone will be identifiable with an ‘X’ mark on the mini map.

Notably, the patch notes mention that ‘buildings and ruins evolve in real-time throughout the match’ on Karakin. Another interesting Karakin-only feature is bullet penetration in some weak walls. On seeing enemies through damaged drywalls, players can choose to start firing through it or keep cover.

In addition to the Karakin map, the PUBG 6.1 update adds a Karakin-only throwable item called Sticky Bombs. These can be used at breach points in certain walls and floors to destroy them and make way. The update also introduces a new Motor Glider vehicle that is currently live on the test server and will be available in Erangel and Miramar maps. It has two seats – one for the pilot and the other one for a trigger-happy passenger who can rain down hell on enemies from the rear seat.

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