Australia is popularly known to be a land of unending opportunity and therefore it is one of the most highly desired migration destinations. But when one is contemplating applying for Australian PR, it is important that they know what this spectacular country has to offer.

We’ve listed out 10 top reasons that are sure to make you want to migrate to Australia, the first chance you get!

  1. Numerous Career Opportunities

The first and the most coveted reason that people migrate to Australia is for the infinite and equal career opportunities that the country provides. Owing to the rapid economic growth of Australia, industries are expanding and  businesses are booming, making numerous career opportunities available for skilled migrants.

2. Improved Quality of Life

Australians are known to have high quality of life and a laid-back lifestyle that is the dream of many. So when one migrates to Australia, they are privy to this lifestyle which they adopt over time. The work-life balance that people in Australia is also remarkable and people residing here enjoy endless entertainment options after a busy work week.

3. Exceptional Healthcare System

The healthcare system in Australia is known as one of the best in the world as it covers the hospitalisation and medical payments of the citizens in public hospitals. This is a boon to big families.
They also have reciprocal agreements in place with certain countries, so visitors can access the medicare if needed.

4. Excellent Higher Education

In addition to its free and compulsory primary education in Government run schools, Australia also has a fantastic higher education system that ranks 8th in the World. The country is home to a number of reputable universities that offer a plethora of courses for one to pursue.

5. Ever-expanding Economy

The Australian economy is stable and as a consequence the Australian dollar is one of the strongest and safest currencies in the world. For migrants, it is advantageous to send money back to their home countries. Minimum wage in Australia is also relatively higher than elsewhere, therefore offering financial stability to migrants.

6. Multi-cultural Society

Australia is a welcoming country that is home to residents of varied nationalities and cultural backgrounds. This makes it easier for migrants to adjust to people and cultures that they are comfortable with. Australia provides an inclusive community that makes migrants feel at home.

7. Accessibility of Utilities and Service

Obtaining water, gas, electricity and other basic amenities in Australia is fairly simple, as these are considered to be basic living needs.All it takes is one call to the service provider. These facilities are also available at good deals helping migrants save money on their monthly expenses.

8. Dynamic Migration

Australia is a country that encourages migration with its attainable migration benchmarks. The country offers a number of visa options that are perfect for every kind of migrant from students, to skilled workers and even for families looking to migrate in search of better prospects.

9. Pathway to Citizenship

Migration to Australia open the avenues to become a citizen of this beautiful country. Applying for Australian PR is the first step to qualifying for Australian Citizenship. Australia also recognises dual citizenship and therefore children born to the permanent residents can apply for citizenship even in case their parents don’t qualify.

10. Breathtaking Location

There is no doubt that Australia is a country of boundless natural beauty. From its alluring landscape and its resplendent beaches to its fascinating wildlife, there is nothing not to love about this country. The low population also contributes to low pollution making Australia a healthy and happy country.

These and many other reasons contribute to making Australia the perfect dream destination. Now that you know why people love to move to Australia, it is now time for you to take your big step!

If you’re looking to make the life-changing design to migrate to Australia, we are here to guide you at every step of your journey. Contact our expert counsellors at Newedge Overseas to check your eligibility to apply for Australian PR today.

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